Women dating Odsherred

There have also before the reform been much collaboration between the three municipalities and between many private societies in the area.

The new Odsherred municipality will cover 355 km² and a population of ca.

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Before that it was visible for guests at the now closed museum in the village of Høve.

Another period whose remains can still be found in Odsherred today is the bronze age, since the population of that time buried their dead in small artificial hills in Danish called "gravhøje".

Tourism is also an important sector, with almost all of the western coast of the peninsula being covered with leisure housing.

Among the most popular tourist sites can be mentioned the port of Rørvig, the funfair Sommerland Sjælland and the beautiful landscape of bjergene.The latter is now reestablished as lake, creating a valuable natural habitat for various kinds of birds.Odsherred today is still today an area with a lot of farming, but other industries are also important.The strategical position of the castle can only hardly be seen today, since the Lammefjord is now dry and therefore does not create a natural border for troops on land, but the castle itself is still both visible and inhabitable, even though the appearance has been changed over the years.In the age of absolutism most of Odsherred was the property of the Danish king.In the Middle Ages Odsherred was fortified with the construction of the castle of Dragsholm (Dragsholm Slot), situated just there where the land between the peninsula and the rest of Zealand was most narrow.