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These auto features make using the Koblenz floor machine much more convenient and efficient. The faster the machine can clean the more efficient you can be with the other cleaning jobs you want to get done.Also look for machines that advertise fast drying times which will also help with time saving.

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The 35 ft cord gives you tons of room to clean any floor without having to worry about switching from outlet to outlet.

The 120 ounce tank capacity gives you plenty of cleaning ability. The T bar handle, metal spindle and hub are all part of a great, easy to handle machine that provides commercial results for at home use.

With the auto fill feature, the machine will draw water into it when it drops below a certain level.

On the same vein, the auto-dump feature automatically releases water when the recovery chamber reaches a certain level of water.

The Koblenz Cleaning Machine does a great job deep cleaning carpet spots and stains. The durable, all metal housing, motor bas, yoke and handle are all part of this popular cleaning machine.

The counter rotating 6” twin brushes make the whole unit easy to handle and the 4.2 amp motor provides plenty of cleaning power.The metallic construction ensures that the cleaning machine by Koblenz will be around for a long time.It’s not complicated to use and requires nothing more than reading through the instruction manual to understand the controls and how to work with them.BMP Industrial Supply is a certified, wholesale distributor & dealer of quality, name brand industrial products at the most affordable prices.Our company provides vacuum/blower motors, vacuum cleaners, air filtration, pumps, parts, and accessories for many different industries.The large recovery tanks the ability to handle the cleaning job without making a mess due to overflowing recovery tanks.