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All Organic Pigments supplied by Heubach Colour Pvt Ltd, Ankleshwar, India are Registered / Pre - Registered as per European REACH Legislation through Heubach Gmb H, Germany appointed as an Only Representative. We intend to register all relevant substances in our pigments and pigment preparations within the deadlines as detailed in article 23 of REACH (and go for authorization if required).

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Our upstream suppliers have successfully finalized pre registration under REACH for all substances in our pigments and pigment preparation where required. This statement is based on the best of our present state of knowledge and on information respectively confirmation received from our upstream suppliers.

Single contact point for all reach related issues is: Contact Person : Mr.

Im Januar 1997 startete mein allererstes Selbstbewusstseinstraining.

Unzählige Menschen haben seither ihr Selbstbewusstsein bei mir gestärkt, manche davon sogar ihr gesamtes Leben in der Folge grundlegend verändert. Klaus war Elektroingenieur und leitete ein kleines Team.

Add the plain fact that not all East German items had to be and/or were marked as such, thus the repros - just like the originals - only carry the Heubach mark even if they were produced in the 'Made in GDR' period (1949-1990).

There are of course a few indicators which help finding a repro but the only folks that really know what they are talking about are collectors.

Two years later, she left the GDR with her mother after the latter was stripped of her citizenship following her protest against the stripping of her former partner Wolf Biermann's citizenship.

In 2003 it was reported that around 40 percent of East Germans could sing the song's lyrics.

The song depicts a young girl scolding her boyfriend for forgetting to bring the color film for their camera while on vacation, and is widely considered to be a subtle satire of the monochromatic Communist state.

In 1975, Nina Hagen left the band and become the singer for Michael Fritzen's Dampferband.

Was Sie ebenfalls interessieren könnte: Bei mir werden Sie erleben, wie Sie sich auch von solchen Themen lösen können, die womöglich sogar mehrere abgeschlossene Psychotherapien oder viele “normale” Selbstbewusstseinstrainings “heil” überstanden haben - wenn Sie es wirklich wollen.