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A child with two caring, committed parents arguably has more resources on his or her side than a child with one parent.Although, of course, a child with two parents in an unhealthy relationship could be worse off than they would be with just one involved parent.

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Women usually don’t have sex with deadbeats, and that very perception we make in our minds that the man isn’t a deadbeat (ie: that he has mate value) is dangerous, because a woman’s body has already formed an internal feeling about him; and going ahead and having sex with him just heightens the potential loss she will feel when he doesn’t show signs that he cares for her after the sex.Losing the commitment or investment of a man we already decided was good in some way, or even just good looking, can be devastating. (To have anything other than a clitoral orgasm, such as a cervical orgasm, you have to be a lot softer, more relaxed, a lot more trusting, and emotionally open.However, in casual sex where the man is not emotionally invested in her, women almost always lose something of value.Let’s repeat that: And that value that is lost, is not necessarily the fact that they let the man have sex with them. Even if she doesn’t need a man to survive anymore (hardly any of us do in the developed world), she still needs him emotionally. And the trouble is, that society doesn’t warn women of this – they just tell women that it’s their body and they should (technically) be able to do anything they want with it.Here is PART 1 of The Secret Cost for Women When They Have Casual Sex. Sure, for someone who feels like sex is lacking – good sex means everything. But perhaps what’s lacking is not “sex”, perhaps what is lacking is our willingness to be vulnerable to ourselves. Because in that place, we can potentially attract something more permanent, and sex won’t be lacking.

And we will not just attract physical intercourse – but attract invisible sex, like the energy of attraction, playfulness, and polarity that you can experience when you are vulnerable and therefore become more polarised in to your unique feminine energy.(To explore and increase your own feminine energy, see more here.)If you’re wondering how naturally feminine you are, you can take this quick quiz I created here.Situated in the Royal Wine Cellar is the world’s largest barrel, which, it has been documented, was filled with over 220,000 litres of wine.The heart of the Old Town is the market place, with the church of the Holy Ghost and the grand renaissance house “Zum Ritter”.From just a biological perspective, women risk more value, because of the loss of paternal investment, and even if she has all the money in the world, she still loses the paternal investment in an emotional way – which can make or break a child’s future.And if she’s lost the paternal investment of a high status man then she’s also lost the chance for her child potentially conceived with him to inherit his status.So, no, I argue that women are not empowered by giving themselves sexually in a casual way.