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When it comes to love and relationships, you want something real, with a person who shares your morals, values and goals.

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Along the same lines of dating outside of your box, is the importance of saying yes!Yes, you’d love to meet for a glass of wine and watch a jazz band perform, or yes, a Saturday afternoon coffee date sounds great!: “During trustee meetings we are often asked ‘what are other trustee boards doing about this? This sparked the thought that it would be a good idea to try and get trustees together from different schemes to discuss common issues.“Like any good dating agency, we will try and match trustees by profile so that they are good partners.We will then help to facilitate a meeting, perhaps a lunch, to allow candidates to meet and shares thoughts.Kim Nash, Client Director at PTL, also had some interesting and relevant input to our conversation.

Yes, it is something that I would like to repeat.” “It was a good opportunity to talk through common issues with trustees from different schemes, in an informal environment.

The conversation flowed, helped by the moderator from PTL, and the food was excellent!

It's a problem many single professionals face when dating in Johannesburg, dating in Pretoria, dating in Cape Town and dating in Durban.

It’s designed to be very simple, very relaxed and very easy, with the aim to help trustees share their experiences and ideas.” Here is some feedback we’ve received from Trustees that have attended one of our “lunch dates”: “Both Vanessa and I found the lunch meeting useful and interesting with pleasant company.

We could be interested in another meeting at some time in the future”. It was good to hear the views and experiences from the Trustee of another DB scheme.

Don’t get discouraged if you send an email to someone interesting and they don’t write back, and don’t feel like giving up after just one bad date.