Penderyn welsh single malt whiskey

The distillery uses a smaller pot still with a column designed by a descendant of Sir Michael Faraday to make its whisky and a variety of woods to age them in.In this case they use one of the most complex aging processes in the industry.Legend Today the Red Dragon (in Welsh, Y Ddraig Goch) is the proud national flag of Wales. It is thought that the ancient Welsh kings were using the dragon as a royal emblem by the early 5th century AD.

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The Making of Legend Each day, our unique copper stills are charged with a fermented malted barley 'wash'.

This is distilled into pure single malt spirit, which is married with spring water from our own source before being filled into oak casks that are laid down to develop.

But sometimes things do change, so be sure to check the packaging and label once your item arrives.

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Final Thoughts: I really like this whisky as a interesting whisky style.

Almost a hybrid of Irish whiskey and Scotch single malt.

Penderyn Legend is matured in specially reserved ex-bourbon casks made from American Oak, before receiving a further maturation in oak barriques that have previously held Madeira wine, to develop a harmonious single mal whisky with a subtle by sophisticated character and soft golden hues.

This great all-rounder is the essential expression of the legendary Penderyn house style and has all the richness of flavour and light fruitness that Penderyn is famous for world-wide.

Our whiskies are produced at one site here in Penderyn, and so the production processes for Penderyn whiskies are also vegan-friendly." Company email (May 2012): "1 - Penderyn whiskies contain NO animal ingredients at all and NO animal ingredients (such as isinglass or gelatine) are used in its manufacture.

Filtration of the whisky before bottling is through paper sheets and crushed mineral rock.

Tasting Notes Aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruits intermingle with cream fudge and sultanas on the nose to create a complex yet fresh, clean and well-balanced whisky.