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All of these initiatives are working together to create a digital single market for innovative smart urban solutions.

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There also is a strong sense of equality and community and its compact orientation gives it a friendly small-town feel.Youthful energy Although historically it’s one of the oldest cities in Denmark, Aarhus is famous for its vibrant youthful energy.Half-timbered buildings, dating from 1550 and the late 19th century, are here, including several shops, a post office, a school and even a theater – giving the illusion of a real "living" town. Opened in 1914, it attracts around 3.5 million visitors per year.Vibrant cultural scene Aarhus has been named European Capital of Culture 2017 and is home to an excellent collection of museums, contemporary art galleries, nightlife and a thriving calendar of cultural events.A collection of narrow, cobblestone streets make up the area.

At the center, you’ll find the small, intimate Pustervig Torv square, which has a vibrant atmosphere with a number of chic shops, cozy cafes and excellent restaurants.

Organi City gives citizens, organisations and companies in Aarhus an opportunity to participate, discuss and collaborate in the Smart City process via usage of the Organi City technical facility, city experiments and open calls.

The Net Futures 2016 will take place on 20 and 21 April 2016 in Brussels and gather over 1.000 attendees.

to a morning meeting where we present the first open calls for city experiments.

At the meeting, we will inform you about the upcoming two open calls for co-creative experiments based on the Organi City Platform.

Among the main presentations there will be: “The regional and metropolitan dimension in the government of cities”, “Mobility and recovery of urban space”, “The challenge of equality: people in the center of the Smart City”, “From the Ideas to Action instruments for urban change” and “Technology and innovation at the service of the people”.