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There was one guy, wearing the tightest t-shirt imaginable, who obnoxiously looked around at the other girls when he wasn’t staring at his biceps.His tight t-shirt was meant to reinforce the fact that he worked out, and, of course, he discussed his work-out regimen with me, which left me with glazed eyes of boredom.He answered disapprovingly with: So, after painfully sitting through dates with inconsiderate and judgmental guys, I finally found myself having the best banter with a sweet young man with a dorkier laugh than mine.

Or in my case, just a boyfriend who has a job and who appreciates when I incorporate rap and hip-hop, primarily Drake, lyrics into everyday speech. I mean, if I can find someone who loves me in my “sweatpants, hair tied chilling with no make-up on” or will inevitably “Jodeci cry for me” then I’m set.My good friend proposed the idea of a speed-dating event to me, not warning me that it was a South Asian event, which didn’t initially bother me.My friend and I were both quite exhausted after a long day at our respective jobs and by the time the evening’s event rolled around our excitement and nerves faded to “let’s just get this over with”— I know, not the greatest attitude to have before entering a potentially life-changing experience.So, after arriving late to the event, and being quickly ushered by the organizers into the fold of other dating participants, the big moment had arrived and my dating circuit experience was about to begin.Springer, 70, started his day with a stroll to a somewhat nearby Starbuck's admitting that it was a longer walk and a lot colder than he had planned.

Staff was scurrying to find a parka and gloves for the former Cincinnatti mayor, lawyer and Emmy award-winning newscaster before he headed out on campus to shoot openings for the episodes that will feature Connecticut singles.Actual interviews of candidates and filming of the episodes are scheduled to take place at the Palace Theater in Waterbury on Thursday and Friday, he said."I think these days everyone has baggage and everyone is willing to talk about it," said Springer about the new show."Especially college students." University of Connecticut junior Brian Eilers didn't care that Annalise Lenihan usually goes home from a bar with someone other than the guy she came with.The original series premiered on April 19, 2010, airing for four seasons.The contestants carry three suitcases onstage: a small, medium, and large one.Each suitcase contains an embarrassing, gross, unique, or weird proposition the contestant may have.More importantly, however, the thought of having 18 mini-dates with 18 eligible young men sounded like a promising way for me to catch up with the rest of the world and their dating resumés.