Hamm single drum roller Bekanntschaften raum aschaffenburg

Three machines were evaluated on a stretch of Hours worked duplication of the GO-070 Road, near the city of Itaberaí.

The soil of the place was predominantly a clay soil, compacted in 20 cm thick layers.

Hamm single drum roller-80

There was fuel economy with the Hamm roller, in the comparison with BRAND B, it got to 59%.Another important differential pointed out is regarding the area of trapezoid pad of the Hamm compacting roller 3520 P which is of 152 cm², whereas the BRAND B’s is 137 cm², about 10% difference.GO-070 is a highway in the state of Goiás that connects Goiânia to the Northwest of the state.It has over 200 Km (124 miles) and it is one of the most important highways in the state.The two of them produced similar soil compaction degrees: 99% and 99%.

However, the Hamm compactor reached this result with half the passes of the BRAND D equipment and in half of the time.

The main work done in federal roads that pass through Ceará in the past 25 years, the Fortaleza Inner Ring Road will relieve the heavy traffic in the region.

At that location, comparative tests between single drum vibrating compacting rollers Hamm brand 3520 P and BRAND C, BRAND E and adapted rollers tamping type BRAND F were done.

It is possible to conclude that the Hamm roller at the end of the tests presented twice the efficiency of the BRAND D roller.

In the testes done, fuel consumption was one of the main differentials of the 20 ton Hamm roller.

It runs through cities like Goianira, Inhumas, Itauçu, Itaberaí, Cidade de Goiás, Faina, Crixás, São Miguel do Araguaia and Santa Rita do Araguaia.