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IBLP very effectively controlled all communication between parents and kids while the kids were enrolled in their programs, and the brainwashing ran deep.At 16 years old, you don't have much life experience to filter ideas through, and mental isolation makes it that much worse.

This is a hard post to write and have it make sense because of the broad yet specific nature of it. ), but you have to first wade through a little of my personal background in order to understand the point.

So although I've gone through four drafts of this, and it's a little clunky as I try to keep my thoughts in order, I hope you will read through to the end.

On top of that, there is Scripture taken out of context, facts twisted to fit Gothard's personal preferences, rules on how to be intimate with your spouse, and specifics on how to raise your kids. (Note: my parents did not subscribe to all of these rules in our home, but these are rules that I absorbed during my time living in one of their training centers.

IBLP is VERY effective at indoctrinating their students.) A few weeks ago, Gothard was forced to resign due to allegations that he sexually harassed at least 34 women he worked with, including minors.

I even lived in one of their training centers while attending a "finishing school" for a couple of months when I was 16 years old.

I was *so* excited to go to the EXCEL class, because I thought that it would be all about cake decorating and flower arranging (hey, it was in the brochure!

Over 10 years later, I can now see IBLP for what it is. In fact, some of us jokingly called the hardcore followers, "Gothardites." It was funny then, but terribly sad now.

It's taken me years to mentally and emotionally climb back out of the IBLP cult, and I'm currently in long overdue therapy to help me process through some of it.

I'm grateful that they pulled us when they did and always supported and encouraged me to pursue an education, but a lot of the damage had already been done.

It's been over 10 years, but it's only been recently that I've started telling my parents about some of things that went on in the class that I attended.

Just be aware of that if you find yourself drooling over their perfect life.) I think I've mentioned it in passing before that I was homeschooled, which I really loved for the most part!