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Here are my three top choices for towns and sights to visit, all of them less than an hour from Copenhagen. oskilde: The Viking city I must admit, I knew Roskilde from its famous festival, held annually, which attracts many visitors from all over the world.It is one of the biggest rock music festivals in Europe, created by two students in 1971 and starts every year, end of June. Roskilde is a picturesque city, worth a visit all year round.Its present brick shape, which took form after more than 100 years of changes, subsequently became a remarkable inspiration for the constructors’ community in Scandinavia.

After the whole tour, do not forget to spoil yourself with a delicious meal at restaurant Snekken next to the Viking museum.

The atmosphere is beautiful and the view to Roskilde Fjord spectacular, rewarding you with tranquillity and relaxation.

As you walk down to Nørregade, your attention will fall on a very old house from 1619, different from those you have seen so far.

This is the Køge Museum, which invites you to step inside and discover what hidden treasure from the past its two exhibitions presents.

Ticket prices: DKK 60 for adults, free for children up to 17 years old.

For opening hours and other information, check the website visit.Once you arrive at Roskilde, you can go by car or train, start your daytrip by walking around the old streets to explore the historical city centre, with its many shops and interesting buildings, including the Roskilde Palace, which hosts the museum of Contemporary Art.However, my advice would be to invest most of your time in visiting the two important historical attractions.You can either drive to Køge or take the S-train, line E, which connects it with downtown Copenhagen.You could even take your bicycle with the train and cycle around.For centuries, the town and location played an important part in sea trade.