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For example, members can write and upload diary entries (much like blog posts) where others can read about...

Love2Date Fitness is a versatile site with plenty of attractive members.

Whether you’re a gym-aholic or just like live games, you can find a like-minded person who shares your sports enthusiasm.

Efter en række konstruktive samtaler mellem Brøndby IF, Parken Sport & Entertainment og SATS er der indgået aftale om at fitness.dk, som i marts 2006 indgik en aftale om at leje lokaler på Brøndby Stadion til indretning af et fitness- og wellness-center, afløses af fitnesskæden SATS.Ophøret af lejeaftalen mellem og Brøndby IF skyldes at parterne siden Parken Sport & Entertainment overtog fitness.dk, har været i dialog om det økonomisk hensigtsmæssige i at en konkurrerende fodboldklub driver virksomhed på en anden klubs hjemmebane.You can express your interest in a wide range of activities, send private messages or chat to groups on a variety of message boards.It’s free to join initially, with a 3 day trial of full membership, or you can fully upgrade to receive more substantial savings...Once deeming itself a site for bodybuilding enthusiasts, it’s now much more generally targeted at people who like to stay fit.

This site includes a few extra features you won’t find on other fitness dating sites.One of the stand out features of Sport Dating is the webcam chat.Using your webcam, you can see and hear other members as you...Sporty Dateaway combines online dating with a few fun and flirtatious games to help get pulses racing.Using an in-depth search, you can find your ideal date or even locate friends to exercise with.Fitness Singles focuses on matching you with fit, healthy members who enjoy an active lifestyle.