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Global change is altering the movement of materials across landscapes in ways that likely have major consequences for the functioning and stability of ecosystems.

For example, the export of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems is increasing globally.

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Here, we describe for the first time the complete genome sequence of a new bipartite begomovirus in Madagascar isolated from the weed Asystasia gangetica (Acanthaceae), for which we propose the tentative name asystasia mosaic Madagascar virus (AMMGV).

DNA-A and -B nucleotide sequences of AMMGV were only distantly related to known begomovirus sequence and shared highest nucleotide sequence identity ......

However, anthropogenic impacts on microbial co‐occurrence patterns and ecosystem function remain an important gap in our ecological knowledge.

In a northern hardwood forest ecosystem located in Michigan, USA, 20 years of experim ..quality; aluminum; cardiovascular diseases; coal; dry deposition; epidemiological studies; explosives; human health; microscopy; mortality; mountains; particulates; respiratory tract diseases; samplers; surface mining; Appalachian region; West Virginia...

Short-chain haloolefins are being introduced as replacements for saturated halocarbons.

The unifying chemical feature of haloolefins is the presence of a CC double bond which causes the atmospheric lifetimes to be significantly shorter than for the analogous saturated compounds.

A global taxonomic revision, lectotypifications and neotypifications of Centaurea L. It is important to evaluate the pumping quantity for water resource management and to predict the subsidence for land resource management to mitigate the subsidence problem in Taiwan. The breeding season is a demanding period in an individual's annual cycle because it must balance energy gains with the competing demands of reproduction and self-maintenance and properly allocate time and energy to both.

To better understand how this balance is reached, nest-attendance patterns, food-provisioning rates, and foraging patterns were studied in radio-tagged Great Egrets (Ardea alba) ...aquatic ecosystems; aquatic food webs; carbon; dissolved organic carbon; ecosystem services; energy; global change; growing season; habitats; humic substances; landscapes; linear models; ponds; prediction; primary productivity; shade...

As part of the epidemiological investigation, 1400 wild marine fish were caught and screened in pools of 10 for VHSV using virus isolati ......

A fundamental goal of evolutionary ecology is to understand how asymmetric competition influences phenotype expression, yet few studies have quantified the relative effects of intra‐ and interspecific competition on phenotypes.

Enzyme-catalyzed enantioselective reductions of ketones and keto esters have become popular for the production of homochiral building blocks which are valuable synthons for the preparation of biologically active compounds at industrial scale.