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There will be some food specialities from Haderslev which all participants will be able to taste.

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You can learn Danish in Haderslev at: Sprogcentret (the Language Centre)Twice a year Haderslev Kommune hold a new arrival event.

Immediately after the occupation newcomers will receive an invitation to the new arrival event, which is held a Saturday between 10.00 and 12.00. Then there is a visit to Haderslev Town Hall where the Mayor and the chief executive will welcome you.

Additionally, the Norwegian fjords also provided excellent bases for German submarines to attack in the North Atlantic.

The German High Command planned for a combined assault on Denmark to overrun the country as swiftly as possible, with an airborne assault on the Aalborg airfields and a surprise landing of infantry from naval auxiliaries at Copenhagen in addition to a simultaneous ground assault across the Jutland peninsula.

If you live in Denmark and/or work here, you need to be able to speak Danish.

It is also important to be informed about Danish culture.There will be a selection of various brochures from the municipality.The event will end up with a guided bus tour around the municipality.The first clash between the Danish Army and the invading forces occurred at Lundtoftbjerg, where a Danish anti-tank platoon armed with two 20 mm guns and a light machine gun had taken up positions covering the road.A German column appeared at , and the 20mm cannons opened fire on the armoured cars while the machine gun took aim at the motorcyclists.This right also applies to family members who are EU citizens.