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Take care of it (keep it clean, never store it wet, never allow shoes inside) and it will keep you dry for years.

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The stakes and guylines only added about another 5 minutes. Part of what made it so quick was that there was no rainfly. We usually kept the windows unzipped all day and there was a little flap in the roof for hot air to get out. We could easily fit four 200 lb men in each of those with no problems.Edited to add that all of the Boy Scouts in my troop used Colman tents as well.It gets used almost every month so it has seen plenty of use.It has been rained on, snowed on, and survived heavy winds.All I've used it for is backyard camping, and even then one of the poles broke and I had to replace one of the sections.

It's built to a price-point, and I'm surprised it's lasted as long as it has (5-6 years I think).My recommendation, buy the cheapest tent and spend the extra on good sleeping bags.If this is true - if you will definitely bail when it rains, then I agree. Its been about thirty years since I had a Colman and am in the market for a family-sized tent to take to music festivals. Not that backpacking tents are necessarily cramped, but since they have to balance weight with features. And given the venue, theres a stronger preference for interior space.We've always put down an extra tarp underneath to protect from the ground, but this thing just keeps going.