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The series won a BAFTA award at the 2015 British Academy Television Awards for Best Situation Comedy.Andy and Lance meet Sophie and become aware that a near-legendary find might be hidden on a local farm.It comes as little surprise that Larry Bishop is mad as a bag of ferrets.

Meanwhile Becky's patience with staff meetings is at breaking point.Andy sees Lance with the mystery woman which preoccupies him when Becky phones.Terry receives the MOD clearance to excavate the plane, which reveals that all of the crew survived.Peter, who has asked Sophie to accompany him for the summer, is taken aback.It is set in small fictional town of Danebury in northern Essex.

The plot revolves around the lives, loves and detecting ambitions of Andy and Lance, members of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club (DMDC).

This looks like a great plan until his nerves kick in.

(The episode includes a short performance of the title song, performed by Johnny Flynn as "Johnny Piper".)Terry announces that he is standing down as leader of the DMDC; Andy and Lance have a falling out after Andy shows Lance a recent find.

Furthermore, Larry Bishop's invisible dogs have disappeared without trace, and Andy and Lance now have one last chance to discover their hearts' true desire: the burial place of King Sexred of the East Saxons.

Series 2 commences with a 3-minute sequence showing an Anglo Saxon monk or priest fleeing from a place of worship with a holy book, and an aestel, a pointer stick similar to that associated with the Alfred Jewel, in a sack.

Andy's interview does not go as well as it might, no thanks to Lance's daft pub-quiz trivia, although he does make an interesting find in a flower-bed.