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He is insatiably curious and determined to seek a better, more thoughtful way to move forward into the future.

Rebellious from the start, de Rothschild learned early on that pursuing knowledge through traditional methods didn’t work for him.

Instead of giving the mentally ill healthy food and vitamins we drug them into a zombie like stupor. Abram Hoffer cured mental illness with b vitamins in the 50’s. He sings a song called Fefe is possessed by the ghost of Jacko. When the world comes together under the Red Shield of Moshiach ben David there will be dancing in the streets. I’m here to tell you all the secrets of our medical swindle. Kurt had a problem being the voice of a generation. Our chosen psychiatrists tortured Kurt with quack medications until he killed himself.That’s not to say that what they did wasn’t amazing – it was – and I often look to their accomplishments for inspiration. How did their accomplishments affect what was expected of you, or what you’ve expected of yourself?Rothschild: At the end of the day you are what you do, and not what you are called.Instead, this scion of one of world’s wealthiest and most admired families blazed his own trail with dangerous but purposeful adventures into remote corners of the globe in an effort to raise awareness of environmental causes among students.

His most recent adventure involved crossing the Pacific on “Plastiki” – a craft manufactured out of plastic water bottles – to raise awareness about the pollution of our oceans due to our dependence on disposable plastic.I've written a couple of books, and despite my horrible spelling and the hard-to-find typewriter ribbon, I have a romantic notion that I will one day write a book on a typewriter. Let's hope David de Rothschild doesn't have a crazy ex-wife.David is an eco-adventurer who has been on a number of expeditions.He formed the Myoo Agency which is a marketing agency for businesses who want to be sustainable.All net worths are calculated by applying a proprietary algorithm.