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Dann schreibt das Software-Haus ein Pflichtenheft (entspricht dem Proposal für das Abschlussarbeitsvorhaben).

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Grundsätzlich spielt der Entwicklungsprozess eine zentrale Rolle in der Softwaretechnik.

Daher geben wir hier einige Hinweise zum Entwicklungsprozess bei der Betreuung von Abschlussarbeiten in der Arbeitsgruppe Software Engineering.

It is expected that you search for additional relevant literature on your own.

The links given in the references for scientific work may help you.

It is expected that you deliver the sources (including a Bi BTe X file) and a PDF version of your paper.

You should not normally try to fiddle around with the layout La Te X produces.

Always put graphics into a figure environment, provide a proper caption and let La Te X place the figure.

The literature given by us is only considered as a starting point for your work.

Please follow the following coarse-grain structure: URLs should not be put into the text, but should rather be included as a footnote or in the bibliography.

If the cited page is not another kind of document (e.g.

The talk should end with the summary slide, not with an additional “Questions?