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The Ribe Cathedral school and chapter, were founded by Bishop Elias in 1145.He also saw the cathedral's completion and consecration.The landscape around Ribe is flat, wind-blown and sandy, without any particular natural harbour, but in former times, boats could enter the river from the sea and reach the town.

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Leofdag was murdered that same year, when a housecarl skewered him with a spear, as he forded the river at Ribe.Although never canonized, Leofdag was revered as a local saint, until the Reformation.or Vor Frue Maria Domkirke) is located in the ancient city of Ribe, on the west coast of southern Jutland, Denmark.It was founded in the Viking Age as the first Christian church in Denmark by a missionary monk from Hamburg, under permission of the pagan King Horik I.It ranks amongst the biggest tourist attractions in Denmark and has been awarded two stars in the Michelin guide. Ribe began as an open trading market on the north bank of the Ribe River where it runs into the North Sea.

Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Germans, Frisians, English and other cultures occasionally brought exchange goods here from all parts of northwestern Europe.

King Erik II of Denmark (Danish: Erik Emune) was murdered at the Urnehoved Assembly (Danish: Ting) in July 1137 by Chief Sorte Plov in revenge for the execution of a relative. King Erik's three-year reign, was a short pause in the unrelenting competition for the throne of Denmark.

King Erik earned the nickname "Bloody Erik" for his execution of his own brother Harald and ten (or eleven) of Harald's twelve sons.

Ansgar won the confidence of the king, who had burned Hamburg in 845, Ansgar's home town.

But the Danes in Hedeby and Ribe soon complained about the church bells, which they feared might scare away the land sprites (Danish: landvætter).

The remains of the old church was repaired and extended with new constructions in large red bricks - a new building material for the time.