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We can help to solve any problems you might have with trial and test activities in development and production.

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Our laboratories will analyse and test components, modules, engines and transmissions and even complete vehicles for you.

Our key focus here is on components made of polymeric materials, ageing, weathering and dust simulations, acoustics, thermal properties, material cards, electrical and electronic components.

In modern cars, it is essential to maintain constant clearance between adjacent parts.

As small a clearance as possible and low tolerance are indicative of high quality and improved vehicles.

The sheet metal is cut and pre-stamped into special plates, then fully galvanised. We've invested in new, more flexible technologies so the plant can react faster to different demands.

Various models can be built right after one another on the same line with no major modifications or delay. After an intensive pre-treatment with all seams, folds and joints sealed, each car goes through to have sealants, colour and protective layers applied.

more Our CAE experts support production development with the functional design of components, systems and complete vehicles.

By applying virtual simulation and calculation, we are able to optimise the stresses of components, in this way reducing weight, to test various material concepts (e.g.

The assembly line is where engines and features are brought together in precise configurations.

After assembly, rigorous measurements, final adjustments and performance tests are carried out to ensure the quality our customers expect. The factory in Wolfsburg is open to the public every working day from Tuesday to Friday.

With our all-round spectrum of testing services and in-depth knowledge, we know what really counts.