Dating over 50 år Vesthimmerlands

The area is called Vandplasken and is a great location for nature walks and bird watching.

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The next stop is the Bunker Museum in Hirtshals (Bunkermuseum) – one of the best-preserved German WW2 fortifications in Denmark.

The 450 X 750 meter fortification is still operational and is today an open-air museum.

South along the Ancient Road you reach Hirtshals Lighthouse – the town's landmark, which became operational in 1863.

The lighthouse guided seafarers for more than 150 years.

Next stop is the famous Skallerup Seaside Resort where there is also a convenience store.

Skallerup Seaside Resort offers plenty of experiences, including a waterpark, Roman baths, and an equestrian centre as well as farm visits.

Hirtshals Church was designed by architect Carl Valdemar Hansen-Harild and was completed in 1908.

Until that time the locals had to travel 5-6 kilometres to Horne to attend church.

Hirtshals is a thriving fishing and trading town, whose commercial port is one of the nation’s largest with ferry connections to Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

There are fine beaches, an authentic fishing harbour environment and open views to the North Sea from the unique stairs that connect the central square, Grønne Plads, with the harbour.

Nicholas, the original Santa Claus and the patron saint of sailors.