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Using only flat areas also removes the problems of sediment slumping downslope.

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C dating of samples containing as little as a few milligrams of carbon, which is ca.1000 times less than in the conventional techniques.In the AMS technique, the graphite targets are loaded in the sputter ion source which produces a beam of negative carbon ions.Subsquently, low-energy mass analysis is performed with the use of magnets and sometimes also electrostatic analysers.Way back when, when SG was but a brand new flickering flame of romance, my flatmate said to me upon meeting him, "he is a typical north German." I didn’t quite know what that meant because I didn’t know any other north Germans, just a lot of Westphalins.

I simply thought, "if by typically north German you mean wonderfully handsome, then how marvellous." When talk of visiting Kiel sprung up among my Westphalin friends, they spoke of the famous aloofness the northerners possess, the arm’s length they hold you at.The negative ions of the isotope of interest are accelerated to the terminal of the accelerator at a potential of at least 0.5 up to several million volts (MV).The negative ions are converted there to positive ions by the removal of several electrons during a stripping reaction with a gas (usually Ar) or carbon foils, and accelerated further to ground potential.Most commonly the AAA (acid-alkali-acid) method is used for organic samples like charcoal or organic remains.Shells are cleaned and the outer part is dissolved in a weak acid.After subsequent magnetic and electrostatic analysis, the ions are identified in an ion detector.