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Lejre Municipality is home to the Land of legends (Sagnlandet Lejre), a center for experimental archaeology and education, which includes reconstructions and recreations from different periods of Denmark’s history— from pre-history to the Viking Age.

The centerpiece of the facility is an Iron Age village reconstruction, complete with sacrificial bog. Ledreborg, a palatial Baroque mansion, also lies in the vicinity.

1 Kbenhavn Distrikt 2 Kbenhavn og omegn, Bornholm og Frerne: Broderloge nr.

Speculations about the prehistory of the area have been fueled by Thietmar of Merseburg's account in his twelfth-century Chronicon (ch.17) that pagan sacrifices were formerly held every ninth year at Lejre.The relative absence of weapon finds suggests that the site was more important as a social and economic center than as a military base.A noteworthy loose find that has recently turned up, thanks to metal-detector work, is a tiny silver Viking Age figurine known as Odin from Lejre.KLIK HER FOR: Patriarchs og Matriarchs Militant, Ungdomsforeninger Denne side er under udarbejdelse med tilfjelse af navn p alle ordensinstitutioner i den danske jurisdiktion og med efterflgende links til de Loger, Lejre, Cantons, Ungdomsforeninger m.m., der har oprettet egen hjemmeside.

Odd Fellow Grupper i udlandet Tjekkiet Broderloge nr. The municipality has an area of 240 km² and a total population of ca. Legends of the kings of Lejre are known from a number of medieval sources, including the twelfth-century Gesta Danorum written by Saxo Grammaticus and the anonymous twelfth-century Chronicon Lethrense, or Chronicle of Lejre.As the home of the Skjölding (Old English Scylding) dynasty mentioned in Beowulf, Archeological excavations undertaken since the 1980s have produced dramatic confirmation that medieval legends of Lejre, though largely fabulous, have a basis in history. 87 Irene, Fredericia Distrikt 9 Midtjylland: Broderloge nr. 2, rhus Distrikt 10 Nordvestjylland: Broderloge nr. These must have been the halls of powerful magnates or kings.