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Therefore there're many ongoing constructions and extensions of the public schools, day- and elder cares. Porcelnshaven A classic transformation from the old industrial area to modern residentals area, that has "rapidly" been developed from 2002-2011.

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Mulighederne er mange, og du finder en masse date idéer i København lige her på siden – Brug søgefunktionen, og du finder hurtigt frem til gode idéer til date i hovedstaden og omegn.

Hvad enten det skal være en billig date eller en romantisk date – eller måske begge dele – så finder du inspiration til date i København her på Funguide.

CIFF starts with a Grand Opening Party, Wednesday 28th January, with CIFF, CIFF Raven and Crystal Hall running from Thursday 29th January till Sunday 1st February.

Mangler du date idéer i København, eller date steder i København?

Both CIFF and DM&T are convinced that this decision will be beneficial to Copenhagen and the fashion industry in the short-term.

The decision will give the industry some time to focus before the upcoming fashion week, however, this decision should not be seen as an expression of lowered expectations towards Copenhagen Fashion Week and CIFF.Compromise: 1 1=2 Synergy: 1 1=3 After long discussions about the dates for the upcoming Copenhagen Fashion Week, CIFF takes charge and changes the dates so that all activities run from the 29th January till the 1st February 2015.CIFF takes responsibility for the entire execution of the fashion week this winter and changes the dates so that they correspond with the other activities in the fashion week.This is of great benefit to the development of Copenhagen as an internationally respected fashion capital.The two players have furthermore been in contact with the Danish Ministry of Business and Growth to ensure political support for the ambitions for Copenhagen as a fashion destination.Eller måske bare en masse ømme øjeblikke med romantisk og kærlig atmosfære?