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Assens is the municipal seat of Assens Municipality in Region of Southern Denmark.

It was the birthplace of sculptor Jens Adolf Jerichau who married the well-known portraitest Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann; both artists' works are exhibited at the local art museum, Vestfyns Kunstmuseum.

Assens is located on the site of an old ferry landing linking Funen and the south of Jutland.

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At the end of the 19th century, there were few industries in Assens, the main source of income still being trade and crafts.In 1884, however, the railway to Tommerup linked Assens to Odense and in 1885, the harbour was extended with a new dock.Målingerne præsenteres i samarbejde med Kystdirektoratet og en række kommuner og havnemyndigheder.Truckstar Festival is Europe’s largest annual trucking event.Prosperity returned at the end of the 18th century, increasing in the 19th century after a new harbour was completed in 1822.

However the railway to Middelfart in 1865 provided considerable competition but the town suffered above all from the discontinuation of the ferry service after Southern Jutland was lost to the Germans in 1864.It probably became a market town in the 13th century.The ferry, which probably originated in the Middle Ages, became particularly significant in the 16th century with sizeable cattle exports.The 2017 edition will be held on 29 and 30 July at Assen’s TT Circuit. These trucks and their drivers will make their presence felt and heard, and together with an expected 55,000 visitors Truckstar Festival will yet again be a weekend full of diesel, chrome, fun and a great atmosphere.** The Roadcard is a discount card issued by Truckstar Magazine to its subscribers at the annual cost of 7.90 euros.Den gyldne linje angiver en beregnet værdi for en 20 års hændelse.