Buzzfeed jon hamm dating show

Driven by the quest for pageviews, too many media outlets have been forced to debase themselves with the constant publication of scandal, simplification, and social crusades.

News has become a contest of attention-seeking children, rather than an exploration of information, fact or original thought.

Us Weekly’s eyewitness said that Hamm and Jones were people at BOA Steakhouse.

If you someone missed out, too bad because it lived before the all-seeing eye of the Internet and doesn't even have a Wikipedia page. On the show, the host would have the contestant interrogate three prospective dates who were vying to take him or her out. What would Don Draper look like with this limp bowl cut? It was an amoeba prototype for future reality shows like ' The Bachelor'. A young Jon Hamm, sporting what has to be the distillation of every bad hair mistake made by all of us between the years of 19. How much of his power derives from his perfectly slicked-back shark hair? A series we through-and-through swore was still “the best show ever made.” One that made us sympathize with criminals.If you lived through the 90s, chances are a little game show called ' The Big Date' lives in the periphery of your memory.Where was the indignation for Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Dustin Diamond, Fred Durst, Colin Farrell, Hulk Hogan, John Edwards, or Kim Kardashian?

Where was the moral outrage when a film of Marilyn Monroe performing oral sex was sold to a New York Businessman?

which reiterates to the viewer that sex is about men and their pleasure.

Imagine it’s 20 years from right now and (miraculously) you’re reading a Buzz Feed article.

Part of me believes that January is really like that – she’s not really into the girlfriend thing, she just wants to have fun. Probably not – my guess is they’re both just looking for a hookup.

And I feel like she might have broken up with Will Forte just as soon as Hamm became a single guy?

She now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, where she paints artwork inspired by her experience of finding her identity as a woman, while encompassing broader ideas of culture, gender, and intimacy. You can also buy one of her "Pussy Power" shirts just in time for Election Day.