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She made her debut in the TV series from “Fantasy Island” in 1983.She got a chance to play the role of Madelyn Hayes in “Moonlighting” from 1985 to 1989.

Somers left the show just after the show's fifth season had begun. Harrison's character, Cindy Snow, was created to be Chrissy Snow's cousin.

Unlike Chrissy, Cindy was not a "dumb blonde"; instead, she was an extremely clumsy farm-girl.

Ford made her film debut in a bit role in 1999 in the teen comedy film American Pie.

She has since had supporting roles in Bring It On (2000) and Cherry Falls (2000).

The character of Cindy was similar enough to Chrissy, however, that producers could use scripts already written with the Chrissy character in mind.

Harrison debuted on Three's Company in the episode entitled "Chrissy's Cousin" (season 5, episode 7).

Till now, she has performed in 12 discographies as well.

From her two TV series, Moonlighting and Cybill, she gained the new height of success and regained her position in the Hollywood industry.

Cybill Lynne Shepherd: The name which would always be remembered in Hollywood industry.

She is a versatile person who was in her height of success in the 1970s. She was born on 18th of February, 1950 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Her full biography is available on Wikipedia and IMDB.