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What I do know is that it was recorded in Berlin in 2015 with an Asian singer/poet called Bajka.

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There’s kit drums, a range of hand-drums, marimba, someone playing mbira (who actually knows what they’re doing with it), all kinds of rattles and maracas.

Listen up to , and for the moment at least, rely on your ears to tell you what’s there. There is Akamoor’s grainy alto plotting the swing of the thing, just like Dudu Pukwana did on those early recordings with Chris Mc Gregor and The Blue Notes way back in Durban, South Africa before they exiled to Europe in the 1960s.

The other central track on this recording points to another strong influence.

begins with the words, “Walking in a galaxy, through the universe”; suddenly Ackamoor and Bajka sound as if they have stepped straight out of one of Sun Ra’s travelogues, no wonder Gilles Peterson has picked up on them.

Vi tilbyder flere forskellige former for bilforsikring: Ansvar, delkasko, kasko samt kasko plus.

Vi tilbyder også Bil Super, som er et tillægsprodukt til en kaskoforsikring, hvor du får en helt suveræn dækning til en fornuftig pris.Hail, Nigeria’s Fela Kuti, South Africa’s Blue Notes, Dudu and Dyani.Hail, Abdullah Ibrahim, Hugh Masekela, Kippie Moeketsi, Miriam Makeba, the Rail Band from Mali, the great drum master Tony Allen, Manu Dibango and Jonas Gwangwa.The title track is a repeat refrain, as light on the ears as it is on the feet. There’s also a neat violin solo that makes a strong play up and into the groove, slicing the beaten and the blown, giving the voices a chance to chase the air.It is the title track, the opening track, and it defines The Pyramids message – go back far enough and there is Africa.Alto sax player Idris Ackamoor formed the original Pyramids with Margo Simmons in the early 1970s. They met as students in Ohio, formed a band (as you do) and left America for Paris (the Art Ensemble of Chicago, along with a multitude of other Black American musicians, had already made the journey).